Olimpe Agri range

Olimpe Agri is an environmentally friendly treatment solution for water used for livestock. It is notable for efficiency and very low operating costs. Olimpe Agri contributes to better animal health, to the de-medication of farms and to the overall improvement of the quality and yield of your farm. More than 200 farmers have already adopted it since 2016!

Olimpe Agri is based on an innovative in-line water electrolysis technology producing hypochlorous acid, a natural disinfectant. It removes all pathogens from water, whether it comes from a borehole, a well, a surface reservoir or the public supply.

Olimpe Agri guarantees biofilm-free pipes and safe water throughout your farm, especially in drinking troughs or pipettes. Hypochlorous acid allows for longer duration of disinfection that prevents recontamination on contact with air.

Water treated with Olimpe technology is absolutely safe for your health and the environment. It is not irritant, toxic or polluting.

Main advantages of Olimpe Agri

  • Environmentally friendly treatment
  • Very low operating costs
  • Total removal of pathogens from water
  • No recontamination on contact with air
  • Quality and yield improvement
  • Quality and yield improvement
  • Better animal health
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The bactericidal and virucidal performance of Olimpe-Agri meets the highest health requirements. The passage of water through the electrolysis cell instantly eliminates all pathogens, while the production of hypochlorous acid ensures the durability of the disinfection. The performance of Olimpe Agri is attested by COFRAC-certified laboratories.

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Presentation of Olimpe Agri

Photos of Olimpe Agri installations

Olimpe Agri’s solutions have won several international awards:

Prix Innov’Space **
Salon de l’élevage SPACE
Rennes – France

Best Technique Award
Feria Internacional para la Producción animal
Zaragoza – Spain

Table of features

*Depends on the physico-chemical characteristics of the water to be treated and in particular its conductivity.
Main features Olimpe Agri 7 m³. Olimpe Agri 40 m³. Olimpe Agri 80 m³.
Electrolysis Technology In-line electrolysis
Number of electrolysis cells 1 1 2
Water flow treated/day 7 m³ 40 m³ 80 m³
Production of hypochlorous acid Adjustable from 0 to 20 mg/l
Salt Type Water softening salt
Salt injection process Dosing pump
Salt consumption* 0 to 0.2 mg/l of water treated
Salt tank capacity 100 litres
Water circuit Type of pipework PVC pressure (10 bar)
Diameter 40
Electricity Power supply 110/220 V single phase, 90-720 A, 50 Hz
Power 450 W max 550 W max 750 W max
Type of socket IP67 waterproof socket (2p+t)
Connection cable Removable IP67 (supplied)
Interfaces Human Machine Interface 7-inch touch screen
Metering of treated water Yes (viewable via touch screen)
Operation alert Audio or visual (remote if required)
PC, smartphone connection WiFi module (optional)
Various Manufactured France
Mark CE
Electrolysis cell(s) warranty 1 year
Guarantee on other parts 2 years