Olimpe Pool range

Olimpe Pool is an electrolysis solution for water treatment in private pools. Olimpe’s innovative technology considerably reduces the amount of salt needed to obtain clear and safe water.

With only 0.5 g of salt per litre of water, Olimpe produces natural oxidants that destroy algae and bacteria without changing the chemical balance of the pool water. Traditional electrolysis systems require up to 6 g salt/L. For a 50m3 pool this represents 300 kg of salt, compared to only 25 kg for Olimpe Pool.

Olimpe Pool therefore provides an unrivalled user experience. It feels like swimming in spring water. The solution will suit all customers who are demanding when it comes to comfort, health and the environment. It also prevents corrosion problems in pool equipment.

Main advantages of Olimpe Pool

  • Clear, safe and natural water
  • Premium user experience
    • ✓ The feeling of swimming in spring water
    • ✓ No allergies, irritation or discomfort
    • ✓ No unpleasant smell
  • Easy to maintain and economical to use (very little salt used)
  • Extended equipment life (less corrosion)
  • No polluting discharge into the environment

Olimpe Pool is marketed through our network of swimming pool service providers.