Agriculture, Livestock & Fishing

Agriculture, livestock and fisheries are the mainstays of our food supply. These are also particularly demanding sectors where productivity, consumer health and environmental protection have to be reconciled. Olimpe’s natural disinfection technology provides the best solution to this problematic.


Whatever type of livestock farming you are involved in (cattle, pigs, sheep, poultry, aquaculture…), water is a fundamental issue as it will determine the health and well-being of your animals. Olimpe is an environmentally friendly and effective way of treating water. It guarantees the total elimination of pathogens and the destruction of biofilms in your pipework. And finally, it prevents recontamination of water in contact with air in drinking troughs and pipettes. Olimpe enables the de-medication of livestock farming and contributes to a significant improvement in yields.

Fisheries, market gardening and fruit farming…

In all sectors of activity where hygiene and keeping food fresh and natural must be guaranteed, Olimpe’s in-line electrolysis technology makes it possible to produce naturally disinfecting water that eliminates the pathogens responsible for the rapid degradation of products and the contamination of their environment. This allows you to increase your yields while maintaining your specifications, which prohibit the use of chemical disinfectants.