Olimpe Pro range

Olimpe Pro is a range of professional equipment for treating water from the public supply, from a borehole or from any other source. It is based on an innovative in-line electrolysis technology producing hypochlorous acid. The treated water is not only safe, but also has natural disinfectant properties for a variety of professional uses. It destroys viruses and bacteria, without any danger to health or the environment.

Olimpe Pro is an alternative to conventional disinfection solutions based on the use of chemicals. In addition to its unbeatable production cost, water treated with Olimpe technology is not irritant, toxic, or polluting. It can therefore be used for personal hygiene as well as for the natural disinfection of food, surfaces or equipment.

Combining efficiency, safety and economy, Olimpe Pro is a solution which is highly suitable for all sectors. The range includes 3 models that can process up to 8 m3 of water per hour.

Olimpe Pro 8000
Olimpe Pro 4000
Olimpe Pro 1000
Olimpe Pro 1000

The bactericidal and virucidal performance of Olimpe Pro meets the highest health requirements. The passage of water through the electrolysis cell instantly eliminates all pathogens while the production of hypochlorous acid gives it natural disinfectant properties. Olimpe Pro’s performance is attested by COFRAC-certified laboratories.

Configurations and applications

Olimpe Pro equipment allows for a very flexible configuration and can therefore be adapted to meet your disinfection needs exactly.

If your aim is disinfection in a particular location, you simply connect Olimpe Pro to the water supply to that area to produce the disinfectant water you need. Configured like this, the main water circuit in your establishment will not have to be modified.

Example of use in a workshop

Olimpe Pro is used for the natural disinfection of the butchery at a supermarket. The Olimpe equipment is connected to the room’s water supply to supply the sink and a washing station. Butchery staff use the sink to disinfect their hands or sanitise utensils, while the wash station is used to disinfect equipment, cutting tables and the floor.

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If your disinfection needs are more widespread, Olimpe Pro can be directly integrated into the overall water circuit of your establishment in order to distribute healthy and naturally disinfecting water everywhere.

Finally, it is of course possible to combine the two approaches to obtain a tailored disinfection supply based on the applications on the same site.

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Example of use on an industrial site

Olimpe Pro is used for natural disinfection throughout a food production site. Olimpe Pro equipment is integrated into the general water circuit to produce and distribute naturally disinfecting water everywhere. A secondary Olimpe Pro is connected to the water inlet of the production line to increase the dosage of hypochlorous acid and to achieve a higher level of disinfection at this point.

Table of features

* depends on the physico-chemical characteristics of the water to be treated and in particular its conductivity
** in the fixed installation, a larger remote tank can be installed
*** may vary depending on the type of washing station used
**** can be equipped with castors depending on customer’s requirements
Main features Olimpe Pro 1000 Olimpe Pro 4000 Olimpe Pro 8000
Electrolysis Technology In-line electrolysis
Number of electrolysis cells 1 1 2
Water flow treated/hour 1 m³ 3 m³ 8 m³
Production of hypochlorous acid Adjustable from 0 to 20 mg/l
Salt Type Water softening salt
Salt injection process Peristaltic Pump Dosing pump Dosing pump
Salt consumption* 0 to 0.2 mg/l of water treated
Salt tank capacity 5 litres 15 litres** 25 litres**
Water circuit Type of pipework PVC pressure (10 bar)
Diameter 25 32 50
Filters 1 inlet filter
Capacity Simultaneous washing stations 1 Up to 3*** Up to 6***
Electricity Power supply 110/220 V single phase, 90-720 A, 50 Hz
Power 750 W
Type of socket IEC C14 IP67 waterproof socket (2p+t) IP67 waterproof socket (2p+t)
Connection cable Removable IEC C13 (supplied) Removable IP67 (supplied) Removable IP67 (supplied)
Interfaces Human machine interface 7-inch touch screen
Metering of treated water Yes (viewable via touch screen)
Operation alert On screen Visual Visual (remote if required)
PC, smartphone connection WiFi module (optional)
Unit Height x Width x Depth 90*35*40 cm 100*62*55 cm 150*75*75 cm
Material Composite Stainless steel Stainless steel
Weight 40 kg 60 kg 80 kg
Installation Mobile Fixed or mobile**** Fixed or mobile****
Various Manufactured France
Mark CE
Electrolysis cell(s) warranty 1 year
Guarantee on other parts 2 years